About the Course

Stiffening competition, soaring labor costs, increasingly demanding customers, high logistics costs, greater supply chain risk have made the business more challenging than ever. Companies now need to break the walls inside the organization and collaborate actively with suppliers to improve customer service while driving down costs.

Companies have to develop superior supply chain capabilities to drive operational excellence and address key issues. This training shows how companies can improve their supply
chain capabilities and optimize their financial performance.

This training is offered On Demand. Please Contact Us to find out more details on the course and the training process. 

About the Instructor


John Paul (PhD, MBA, MSc, BEng) is the founder of the SEA chapter of the Supply Chain council. John has been involved until now in the different evolution of the SCOR® model being an active member of the Supply Chain council. John has trained more than 2500 Supply Chain professionals from 200 companies worldwide. Constantly pushing the frontier of knowledge and competencies of his consultant team at iCognitive, he brings excellence to his customers operations.