AURIZON is Australia’s largest rail freight operator with almost 150 years of experience. Each day the Company moves on an average more than 700,000 tonnes of coal, iron ore and other minerals as well as agricultural and general freight across the nation.



AURIZON recently moved to a new Global Sourcing Strategy. To reinforce it, they needed new global sources for wagons, casting & forging, rolling stock bearings, sleepers, mast & portals, cables, signalling equipment, traction motors, point & crossings, scrap metal disposal, both from emerging & developed countries.

Following the steps of strategic sourcing approach, iCognitive conducted the supply market intelligence research for 10 key categories selected by AURIZON

  • Supply markets analysis by country for each product category
  • Potential suppliers for each supply market and category
  • Strengths & weaknesses of each key supplier
  • Identify supply chain configuration of each key supplier
  • Develop supplier profiles
We were able to customize a special software for them based on their needs:

iCognitive supply market intelligence research helped AURIZON to reinforce Global Sourcing Strategy for their Rail Road Freight infrastructure.


From initial 854 suppliers proposed, AURIZON picked 26 key suppliers across different categories. The research provided AURIZON with:

  • Country competitiveness ranking
  • Supplier Ranking
  • Communication Performance
  • SWOT Analysis

Also, further details like  $ Sales, Core Business Segment, Key Differentiators, Strengths & Weakness

Supply Chain Mapping were provided.



Both short term and long term recommendations have provided by iCognitive to enhance Aurizon’s Global Sourcing strategy.