Since 1996, there has been a transition from a world of capacity limitations to one in which capacity exceeds demand. At the same time, supply chains have become increasingly extended, complex, and volatile. A revolution in formal planning and execution is indeed near, but it will not be achieved by focusing on better capacity scheduling. In most cases, by the time capacity is scheduled and applied, it is already too late and the relevant materials are not present. And it only takes one missing component to disrupt a perfectly optimized schedule. A fundamental break through from the antiquated rules, tools, and ad hoc systems characterized by traditional material requirements planning (MRP) and distribution requirements planning (DRP) implementations is needed. Today, it is all about flow and agility. This is where demand-driven MRP (DDMRP) comes into play.

DDMRP is a fusion of relevant MRP and DRP tactics, combined with the pull-based approaches and signals of lean and the theory of constraints. The solution includes planning and execution innovations for better lead time compression and execution visibility. It takes lean's waste reduction focus and visibility for execution and combines them with a new set of demand-driven planning tactics to generate unprecedented planning visibility across an enterprise and supply chain. The results are synchronized demand and supply signals that make capacity scheduling simpler, more realistic, and less stressful. Thus flow and agility are achieved, and the global landscape can more effectively manage the current capacity challenges thst many companies are facing.


•    Inventory optimization  (position you inventory in the optimal range, not too much, not too little)
•    Customer service level guarenteed at 99 .9%
•    Lead time compression at all supply chain levels to dramatically improve your responsivness to the market