Supply Chain visibility is one of the major challenges faced by companies. Collaboration between departments and team members now drives companies’ profitability and growth.


SCOR Analyzer is an excellent application for collaboration and sharing with your team in real-time.


This is a web-based collaborative tool for quick and systematic supply chain information data collection and analysis. Based on the SCOR model, this in-house developed web-based software application is designed to capture and analyse the information on strategic, tactical and operational levels. SCOR Analyzer examines all your processes to ensure an end-to-end vision of your supply chain.


It performs comprehensive analysis and provides reporting functions to identify supply chain improvement opportunities and facilitate decision-making process.


This web-based collaborative tool is designed to provide a single source for data and forms a central repository for your Supply Chain Management optimization project. It allows team members wherever they are geographically to enter the required information at a time convenient to them.





  • Data up to SCOR level 3.
  • Statistical reports for analysis of supply chain.
  • Visualization in the form of charts to compare different supply chains (disconnects count by region, supply chain and at company level, etc.)
  • Overview dashboard to indicate the status of data entry.
  • Facility to personalize by uploading your own company level 1 structure.
  • Downloadable reports and charts.
  • Visual cues to aid ease of data entry for completed and incomplete processes.
  • Company based login to ensure data security and integrity.
  • Category based disconnect analysis to ease analysis of pain points.
  • Cloud solution hence access anytime anywhere.
  • Link SCOR best practices to disconnect.


  • Provide end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Facilitate bottom-up companywide information flow
  • Low-cost, easy-to-managed cloud tool
  • Visibility on best practice, disconnects, etc.
  • Visualized comprehensive analysis reports
  • Identify the the supply chain improvement opportunities
  • Facilitate decision-making progress


Web-based Business Intelligence application that integrates data from various (ERP) sources to produce a Scorecard with Key Performance Indicators (based on SCOR metrics hierarchy)


Key features - SCOR reports:


SCOR card BI provides monthly, quarterly and yearly reports on all level 1 SCOR metrics and Dupont Model analysis

  • In each report, the user can drill-down on a metric to level 2 and 3 to see where the information for the top level is coming from.


Depending on how your ERP system is configured, the reports allow the following drill-down capabilities:

  • Company level
  • Profit center group
  • Profit center



  • Low-cost and easy-to-use cloud-based tool
  • Real-time visibility on financial/non-financial performance on regular basis
  • Reduced manual and spreadsheet-based data analysis workload
  • Consulting service support ( I am not sure this one, just an idea if customer has doubt for their performance, they can come to us)
  • User-friendly interface and functions
  • Identify the root causes for poor performance metrics

TheS&OP BI software covers the entire cycle of the S&OP process from   Forecasting to Demand review, Supply review, BOT, S&OP and Execution process.


This software has been developed with the aim of enhancing the reliability, efficiency and visibility in running the entire process of S&OP while providing a means to monitor the activities by drilling down to the root causes of the possible disconnects.


The S&OP is a process where collaborating partners work interactively to manage the customer demand by information sharing and coordination. The information flow is an iterative-way process, creating a closed loop of communication.



  • All the S&OP processes segregated as cubes that interact through perfect visualizations.
  • Access to the processes allocated by role in supply chain hence relevant information displayed at all times and avoids unnecessary data update issues
  • Each process cube has its own visuals for analysis
  • One time configuration.
  • Easy bulk upload features through excel.
  • All visuals and reports downloadable format.
  • Company based login to ensure security and integrity.
  • Cloud solution hence access anytime anywhere.
  • Ability for sales to update SKU list.



The S&OP BI begins with the Forecaster cube, and delivers the capability:

  • to reduce forecast error,
  • to optimize inventory,
  • to increase cash flow,
  • to maximize return on working capital

Allowing companies to satisfy the customer demand through better visibility and collaboration process and achieve sustainable growth.

iForecaster is an easy, accurate, affordable forecasting software developed by iCognitive.  (

It offers comprehensive, established and powerful forecasting methodologies for users with a business background but who do not have in-depth knowledge of statistical forecasting. It aims at all size, product-oriented companies such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, distributors, retailers, and telecommunications.


  • One-stop forecasting platform covering from data importing, configuration, forecasting, results comparison to report generation
  • Product dataset hierarchy support
  • Automatic expert selection mode
    • Software has ‘best fit': this analyzes each item and selects the appropriate forecasting method automatically.
    • However, you can still manually specify the forecasting approach as well if you like
  • Top-down and bottom-up forecasting
  • Multiple account management support
  • Exceptional events modeling
  • Large algorithm Pool
  • Convenient results and report export support