Benchmarking against best-in-class organizations helps companies to understand their competencies, and to identify inefficiency gaps and supply chain improvement opportunities. 
iCognitive has extensive experience in conducting benchmarking studies. Knowing your own company’s performance is not enough. You need to compare your supply chain strategy to that of your peers to fully understand how to gain competitive advantage and become best-in-class.


Our benchmarking studies are customized according to companies’ needs. In collaboration with you, we decide which metrics and which companies we measure (industry, competitors, countries, period…).
We first establish a framework of well-defined, unambiguous indicators according to the customer’s needs. By collecting data and calculating the performance of a group of companies using these indicators, we determine relevant aspects of the business model used by each company, in order to interpret and explain the results of this group. 


iCognitive offers a wide range of supply chain benchmarking services:

- Strategic Benchmarking: What strategies make companies successful? Strategic Benchmarking deals with top management and long-term issues.
- Competitive Benchmarking: Compare your performance to that of your direct or indirect competitors in your industry.
- Internal Benchmarking: Identify the best in-house best practices in your organization.

Companies worldwide have invested millions of dollars on business applications built on mainframe and relational database technology. These investments, which form the IT backbone of most companies, have produced terabytes of data; data about customers, inventory, orders etc. Most companies have realized that there is inherent value in looking at this information in a consolidated form, rather than independently.

SCOR CARD BI is able to integrate data from different applications – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Order Management or Financial Modules – to process and deliver an automated dynamic SCOR card that accurately captures the total SCM cost, delivery performance, perfect order fulfillment, cash-to-cash cycle time, etc. and provide insight on the performance analysis by drilling down from the strategic KPIs level to operational level KPIs.