Sourcing and global procurement can account for around 50% of overall costs in many industries
Sourcing is a long-term strategic activity creating value along the supply chain.
The integration of suppliers is vital to increase flexibility,   on-time delivery, yielding satisfied customers.
iCognitive assists companies in rethinking and deciding on their sourcing strategy. We identify sourcing and savings opportunities by analyzing companies’ spend. 


We support companies to adopt solutions such as supplier relationship management, replenishment & fulfillment management, supplier cost analysis
iCognitive support companies to adopt and implement A.T.Kerney 7 Steps Sourcing Approach with proven typical cash savings range between 4% and 20%, greater added value from the suppliers, and/or time and aggravation saved on a previously time-consuming and unwieldy exercise.



iCognitive helps  you Increasing visibility and efficiency  of your Suppliers portfolio through constant  monitoring of their performance,  cost and risk  associated with  your critical  suppliers.  

iCognitive works with clients to make purchasing and procurement functions a strategic operation and realize huge bottom-line impact.

Satisfied customers are responding by awarding more business to “predictable” manufacturers.