The Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR) is a process reference model that has been developed and endorsed by the Supply-Chain Council (non-profit consortium) as the cross-industry standard diagnostic tool for supply chain management. It is a proven methodology and tool that has been successfully applied and implemented in Fortune 500 firms.


SCOR® helps manage a common set of business problems through a standardized language, standardized metrics, and common business practices which accelerate business change and improve performance.  The SCOR-model is becoming more widely adopted as supply chain companies seek standardized methods of capturing and reporting information.

To provide the framework and foundation to conduct systematic improvement projects on supply chain operations, SCOR defines performance measurements and best practices at all levels, covering operational aspects such as Reliability, Responsiveness and Flexibility of the supply chain, as well as financial aspects such as Total Cost and Return on Fixed Assets.

SCOR® Sustainable Benefits
Organizations which use SCOR enjoy consistent annual bottom-line improvements of 1-3%.